The Adverbial Subordinate Clauses

Adverbial clauses of real condition

In real condition, both the main clause and the dependent clause are truth-neutral. Although the most common type of real condition refers to the future, there are no special restrictions on the time reference of conditions or on the tense forms used to express them. The following examples may illustrate the variety of time relations […]

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Adverbial Clauses of Concession

The most important depiction of this type of adverbial clauses one can find in the works of professor Rayevskaya. The clauses of concession with all their grammatical complexity and variety of syntactic patterning as well as their synsemantic character, described in her investigations, will engage the attention next. The component grammatical meanings in sentence-patterns of […]

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The Types Of Adverbial Clauses And Their General Grammatical Characteristics

Introduction Clauses of adverbial positions constitute a vast domain of syntax which falls into many subdivisions each distinguishing its own field of specifications, complications, and difficulties of analysis. The structural peculiarities and idiosyncrasies characterising the numerous particular clause models making up the domain are treated at length in grammatical manuals of various practical purposes; here […]

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