Boston College or University of Michigan( Ann Arbor) 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!!?

Boston College or University of Michigan( Ann Arbor) 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!!?
I am 16 years old and headed into the junior year of high school. Freshman and Sophomore year really screwed up my transcript. Even though academically, I haven’t done that great, I still have big dreams for my future. I understand nothing comes easy and you have to work for whatever you want in life, so I guess I have to do the same just as everyone else. My plans for the future are to become an Investment banker (many people think its a long shot), I say why not? If I have the option to go to college and major in something that I want, why not take it? I went to a public high school in one of the “best” school districts in NYC( Total B.S.) I’m blaming, not only the schooling system, but also myself (I can be lazy sometimes lol.) I understand admissions for college don’t want to hear excuses about this and that, they just want to see results. I’ve moved to an above average neighborhood in Long Island( we moved for schools) and I don’t only want to improve in school, I NEED to improve in school. Freshman year of high school I was on the swim team. I had also done one or two community service volunteering( which is basically nothing.) My weaknesses are Math (which is ironic because I want to work in the IB Industry) and science. English, I’ve always scored above the best, but I don’t really find that interesting. Social Studies has been probably the most interesting subject that I have taken in all of my schooling years (I’ve debated with grown ups at gatherings about world problems and heated issues and been praised by many). I really don’t want to sound obnoxious at all, but people of grown age have told me plentiful of times that I have “more logic and common sense then usual” (street smart lol). Anyways I’ve been rambling too much. Bottom line is I’ve researched colleges and Universities that have been labeled ” target schools” by big investment banks. At first I was not interested into attending college, I preferred Universities instead, but my uncle is an investment banker at credit suisse in Manhattan and attended Boston College and said that it was the ” Best thing that happened to him.” Then I had seen that University of Michigan is also a target school for IB’s. I understand that most of these IB’s go to the Ivy League schools first, but lets be realistic here. With the information that I had given ( I’m sorry its not detailed enough.) I really don’t want to come off as arrogant or rude because I’m not like that at all. The reason why I talked about the whole common sense thing was because I thought maybe that would become an advantage for college interviews in the future (if there even is an interview.) If I excel my Junior and sophomore year in High school. Do I have a shot at UM or BC? or even investment banking? Sorry for a lot of writing, I’m trying to give the best description I possibly can. Thank You!

You may want to consider Boston College as your “stretch” school. You will get more personal attention because of the student/teacher ratio and the academic discipline of the Jesuit philosophy. Also, since it is a private Catholic school, character of the student is important which will be stringently reviewed in your application essays and interview. Michigan is a considerably larger state school where you are just a number. In addition, since you will be an out of state applicant, the acceptance standards are expected to be higher than for in state applicants. You may also want to consider St. Jonh’s University and Manhattan College. Best Wishes.