cacher in the rye…what do you think about holden?

cacher in the rye…what do you think about holden?
your perspective of him…i am doing an essay on him so i need to think about some of him characteristics…

I don’t know–what do you think about him? (since you’re the one writing the essay). He seemed to be kind of mixed-up, right? And trying to be a good guy, but he was often in an impossible situation (and surrounded by morons). Like Ackley and Stradlater (jerks for completely different reasons); and old man Spencer with his cement bed. Well, maybe Holden is too young to realize that an old guy doesn’t look and act that way because he wants to, but just because that’s what senescence does to you. But then there’s the girl who’s “like dragging the Statue of Liberty across the floor”; and good old Sally. And the obnoxious cab driver who he asks about the birds, and the bastard in the elevator. It’s just one comical mismatch after another. The only person who represents any kind of sanity in all of this is his sister Phoebe (certainly not his parents); which is probably why he breaks down at the end. He realizes he does love somebody–at least one person in this crazy mess of a world.