Can a ‘college admissions essay’ be about a negative situation in your life?

Can a ‘college admissions essay’ be about a negative situation in your life?
I want to write about a negative situation in my life — how my parents and their conservative lifestyle has affected my wants and needs in life. It just shows how angry, frustrated, and drained I was in this situation. SInce i used a lot of those adjectives.

i posted a yahooQ regarding this question a week ago – and some1 told me to Always keep ‘college admissions essays’ positive and upbeat? Is that true?

Well, many negative situations can affect who you are and who you become. so i would think it would be fine? No?

At the last half of the essay – i can write about positive aspects and outcomes of the negative situation.

Institutions of higher learning prefer students who are well-adjusted to life, who have some sort of vision of what they want to do after graduation, whose high school grades reflect a desire to learn and have good study habits.

While it’s true that your home life affects everything in your life, university/college officials expect you to be able to handle problems at this stage in your life, without allowing problems to dominate your life.

Since you desire entrance to one of these schools, you would be well-advised to be upbeat and to present yourself in the best possible light. That’s what others will be doing, whether they have home problems or not, and by accentuating the negative, you could talk yourself right out of a college education.