Can an essay be 10 or more paragraphs long?

Can an essay be 10 or more paragraphs long?
I’m in college and my instructor asked me to write a comparison and contrast essay. She didn’t give me a limit on how many paragraphs I could include in this essay, only that it had to have at least 2 body paragraphs. The topic I chose takes a lot of breaking down. I’ve already written 5 paragraphs (4 body paragraphs) and I’m only halfway done. I’m way too far in to pick another topic unless I have to. Are there any rules of an essay being too long, or is this okay?

No rules, just keep it brief. Write it as you desire as a rough draft, then rewrite it again truncating as you do so. Expect to have to revise and rewrite several times,- 5 to ten perhaps to get it to the point where it is presentable, and under say 1,000 words.

Remember that you are not (yet) a professional writer and therefore must revise your drafts several times before anyone else sees them. That is how you practice the art of writing.

Thing is, college professors see a lot of papers, and when someone submits something that is concise, comprehensible, and logical, irrespective of the subject content, then they tend to grade those papers with better marks having enjoyed the experience. Students that don’t review, revise and rewrite (which is most of them) get the lower grades. So put forth that extra effort and make the mark.

[The above is about 150 words, but could be reduced to 100 with some more revision, for example].