can anyone elaborate this in a small essay?

can anyone elaborate this in a small essay?
why is it important to learn stress management skills, reading skills, stydy skills and critical thinking skills?

Why is it important to learn academic skills?

By Feisty (Please don’t forget to credit me for my work.)

It is important to learn stress management, reading, study and critical thinking skills so one does not have to go to Y!A and cheat on one’s homework.

Unfortunately, a lack of these skills can lead to a dependence upon others which, in the final analysis, becomes plagiarism. The end result of plagiarism can be expulsion from an academic institution which can lead to menial jobs and no good future.

Therefore, it’s important to learn all of these skills so a student can practice academic honesty. After all, if you have a modicum of critical thinking ability, you will have figured out that Y!A is not a free essay service.