can anyone give me an essay on ‘What is news?’?

can anyone give me an essay on ‘What is news?’?

first if u wanna write essay somewhere or if not then yes i can give u summary about what is news.
actually news is important to show our interset in our country it gives us the opportunity to du something for our country, it makes country people awaking. so that they get each nd every information about there country’s wealth, beauty,nd what happened in country nd out of country. coz a perfect citizen should know each nd everything about his/her country nd by this can fight for his/her rights. nd can stop courruption nd by this can help country in progress, nd thinks to contribute his/her life for his/her country. nd by this he/she become the part of country. so news is impotant coz it gives us every kind of knowlege. there are many news channel provides us diffrent-2 news of every field, so that we du not miss even one news. they try to inform theire country people each nd every information. nd thats the point why one’s country devlope. media plays most important role in that development thats why called third eye.
ok write ur best.