can anyone help me on my essay?

can anyone help me on my essay?
i have to write a 2000 word essay on consumer behavior, i dont understand how im suposed to make up 2000 words ( and when i say make up i mean complete,not blag! lol) here is the question.

 Decide on a purchase that you are about to make

 Record that purchase in detail, using a suitable method of Consumer research

 Using your research as a case study, outline the decision making process for the purchase using consumer theory to describe what occurred at each stage

anyhelp would be greatly appreciated as im stressing about the deadline! thank you in advance!

You’re the one taking the class, so you’ve had consumer research methodology and theory.

But every supermarket is totally, completely, infested with the signs of marketing methodology.

Somebody sent me to the supermarket today to buy a 2-liter bottle of a particular brand of soda. I had to roam the aisles, walk past a couple of end-caps of the wrong kind of soda, and walk down a whole, long, aisle hunting high and low on both sides to find what my friend wanted, then get it down from the top shelf and prevent the bottle behind it from falling on the floor.

It made we wish I was taking your class. I’m sure every little detail of the shelf arrangement has some kind of meaning. You’ve gotta be able to get ten written pages out of buying a bottle of soda, if only by expressing WHO is trying to manipulate you and HOW.

Good luck.