Can anyone help me with my essay where does the thesis statement go.?

Can anyone help me with my essay where does the thesis statement go.?
The first 2 sentences are It is inevitable: students eventually return to class after a long summer break. Just as predictable is the fact that every student possesses a personal and unique reaction towards returning to school.
The thesis statement is; My Attitude regarding my academic effort is evident in what I say, what I do, and how I act.
Where does it go? Help.

Thesis statements give focus to the argument. They allow the reader to know exactly what the writer is attempting to prove. It is, for essays, one sentence that says exactly what the paper is about. It establishes clearly the focus of the discussion and often states the specific areas for discussion. Thesis statements are like contracts between the writers and the readers. Readers have the right to expect writers will explain, demonstrate, illustrate, and focus exactly upon what they promise in the thesis.

Make sure you define the issue in an open-form essay clearly at the outset. Usually this involves describing an area of controversy, and sometimes you might even mention possible alternative interpretations that can be drawn about the controversy, but in no way should you indicate which answer your favor at this point. For example, one could introduce the central issue of an essay about Hamlet by saying “Until Act 5, Hamlet repeatedly criticizes himself for unnecessarily delaying the revenge his father’s ghost demands, yet he simultaneously takes several determined and even risky steps toward accomplishing his goal. This apparent contradiction is the central paradox of the play.”

The open should be about your thesis statement.

Make the object of that sentence the subject of the thesis.

Any sentence starting with a parenthetical “it is” will come out passive voice and with more than one possible interpretation.

That would be a very bad thing in a thesis statement.

Two supporting sentences with the object having something to do with the subject of the thesis.

Then repeat the first sentence in different words. A parenthetically or passive voice sentence may be OK there because they all ready know what is being said and you can afford to be fancy..