Can I get into a good grad school no matter what university I come out from?

Can I get into a good grad school no matter what university I come out from?
Hi, so I attend Pace University and for the past couple of months, I’ve been wanting to transfer out because employers tend to hire students who graduated from top tier schools and I’d have to work EXTRA harder if I really want a job. So I thought transferring to NYU would help. Someone also told me that if I want to transfer, then I should take a summer class at more challenging/top tier university and take bio ($3,500) or something to make my transcript look good. Do you think I need to take that summer class (if I plan to go ahead with the transfer)?

But I was thinking I’m going to grad school anyway so why not just stay at Pace and go to a good grad school? But my other question is will reputable, top tier grad schools take me in although I went to pace for undergrad? Or will they choose other students over me for example who graduated from better colleges? Sorry I’m asking so many questions but I’m so indecisive.

It depends. Most top tier schools look at how you did in high school and your SAT scores for transfers , so if you did poorly in high school you won’t get in. But a few don’t (e.g, UT Austin: UMinnesota: Twin Cities, Clemson University, Ohio State Columbus Campus etc). They just base everything off your college transcript and essay. So if your GPA is high then you are likely to get accepted. If not, then you need to work a lot harder.

And grads schools base their decisions mostly on your GPA and GRE scores. Those who attend highly competitive colleges with low GPA will have a hard time getting in grad, while those who excel at their state school will have a great chance.