can i get into babson college?

can i get into babson college?
i am a 16 year old junior. i go to one of the most rigorous private schools in connecticut (greens farms academy) and i have a 3.0 gpa and around 1900-2100 on my sat. i will mainly be basing my college essay on how since 7th grade i have gone through my life watching my father slowly die in front of my eyes and his death last year. i will also mention about how my mother’s arthritis prevents her from being an active participant in my life. i have plenty of excuses for why my grades were so poor in high school.

i will not be using any scholarships, nor will i be applying for financial aid. my mother graduated from babson.

basically, my question is to you, will i be able to get into babson college?

Congratulations, you have a very good GPA and SAT score. Extracurricular activities are very important to get into Babson College. Extracurricular activities are very important. Lastly, make sure you want to go to Babson College. I know a lot of students that thought they wanted to go to their dream school, but when they got in and went to that school, they were really disappointed. You can get information about the academic requirements here:

and reviews of Babson College by actual students here: