Can I get into Boston College or NYU?

Can I get into Boston College or NYU?
I am a sophomore at a New Jersey all-girls Catholic school. I am a good student, but I am worried about colleges and what schools that I can get into. Here is my resume:

PSAT Score (I hope to break a 2000 when I take it as a junior)
Overall Score: 1630
Critical Reading: 560
Mathematics: 430 (this will rise, as I am only taking Geometry Honors now and the test encompasses the entirety of 10th grade Geometry.)
Writing Skills: 640

GPA: 3.75 (unweighted, with all Honors courses and an advanced junior French class)

Extracurricular Activities:
-book reviewer for my local newspaper (8 months)
-staff writer on the school newspaper
-writing published in Teen Ink Magazine
-sole sophomore member of my school’s literary magazine
-entered some essay contests, but the results have not been released yet
-currently working on a novel (hope to be finished by June)
-asked to speak at my elementary school about writing
-member of CARE, a community service organization
-member of REBEL, an anti-smoking organization
-run my own eBay business, which consigns clothing (a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity)
-member of the Christian Service Board, a board, which to be considered, you have to have displayed excellent community service skills–I speak to my homeroom every month and help them to find a service project that is fufilling
-member of the Sophomore Retreat Team–lead a group of my classmates in prayer and reflection at my school’s yearly retreat
-help out at my church and am the “aide” for a young autistic boy once a week at CCD
-staff member at a local camp for mentally and physically disabled children
-member of my parish’s youth group

-I am in the top ten percent of my class, am taking the Chemistry SAT II and the Mathematics I SAT II test in June, am taking classes at the local community college this summer, and plan to go on a youth group trip this summer, where I will build schools for impoverished children.

There are so many factors that go into college acceptance that I can’t make an incredibly accurate analysis. That being said, you’re in good shape.

PSAT: Your scores aren’t good enough to be beneficial for you, but SAT scores rarely single-handedly destroy one’s chances of acceptance.

GPA: Dependant on your school. A 3.75 at one school could be the equivalent of a 4.0 somewhere else or a 3.50 at another place. I can’t say for sure, but a 3.75 sounds good enough.

Extracurriculars: You sound like a very good writer. Great extracurriculars. eBay thing sounds impressive. Definitely a plus for you.

Misc.: Sounds fine.

Conclusion: Extracurriculars are amazing. Your grades are good, but not amazing. PSAT score isn’t good at all. If you’re as good of a writer as your elementary school seems to think, you’ll definitely want to show it off by getting your critical reading score up to 600. You’ll be in great shape if you do well on your SAT.