Can I get into Villanova?

Can I get into Villanova?
Cumulative GPA 3.3

Freshman GPA: 2.8-All regular classes
Sophomore GPA: 3.6-All regular classes
Junior GPA: 3.8-Honors Chem, Spanish III Honors, AP Microeconomics
Senior Year Schedule: All regular classes except AP Macroeconomics.
I have taken Spanish all four years of highschool.
ECs: Key Club, FBLA, Baseball all four years, Rec Basketball.
Test Scores: SATs: M-710, CR-680, W-680. I will also be taking the SAT IIs.
I also have a letter of rec. from my Great Uncle who went there and worked there for like 20 years. What are my chances? Do I have a shot at NYU? My safety schools are: Pitt, Penn State and Rutgers.

You have the right profile among the criteria you listed to be admitted to Villanova University. Your GPA is low to get into any of the colleges you suggested. However, there was no way to include those grades since you must be a senior and you have not finished the school year. Letters from alumni are highly accepted at Villanova. The foreign language study with four years of Spanish is great. Participation in extra curricular activities is a little low compared to others already admitted to Villanova. You never mentioned the college essay or the interview that is included in every admission decision. Nevertheless, the SATII writing test indicated you had the appropriate writing. On the interview, the advice is dress like a college student, be well groomed, be sincere and honest and speak well of which ever university where you choose to apply.

Volunteerism is non-existent. However, it can be increased by creating your own charity for a worthwhile cause in your local community and conducting fund-raising events such as a silent auction. Your SAT scores are very high and that is a very critical test that is examined closely for admission to first rank universities.

Admission to NYU is somewhat more risky for you. In a couple of areas. There are 35,000 student who apply to NYU every year. The rating for admission to NYU is very selective. For example, the GPA for already matriculated freshmen at NYU is 3.6 as an average. You probably be above that once you complete your senior year. Another criteria, volunteerism, is highly prized and you have little or none of that in the record you showed on Yahoo Answers.
Your letters of recommendation probably cannot include an endorsement by an NYU alumni. So your letters will be a little weaker coming from high school teachers and school administrators. Tuition at New York University is about $35,000 a year and freshmen at that university are indebt about that same amount during that year

Admission to the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State University, and Rutgers University are somewhat different, Pitt is rated as somewhat selective. Penn State is rated as selectivve, Rutgers is rated with an admissions process that is somewhat selective. Tuition at Pitt is nearly $13,000 a year and at the University of Pennsylvania it is nearly $36,000 a year. At Rutgers the annual tuition is about $8,500 a year. Other costs like housing, meals,and books are not included. These are 2009 statistics for all the universities.