Can I get some help on my college admission essay please!?

Can I get some help on my college admission essay please!?
Essay Topic: What’s my favorite word and why.
So I chose Forgiveness and it seems to be coming along, but I notice there is more information about what Forgiveness means, instead of why it’s my favorite word. Can anyone help me think of a way I could explain why it is my favorite…

These college essays are looking for some relation to a personal experience and how you became a more enriched person because of said experience. This following example might seem cliched but maybe there was someone or something in your life in which it was hard to forgive them for a cruel act of some sort. However, given time and inner reflection by forgiving them you became more “complete” and reached inner peace.

If it has to be a longer example, it could be an essay on the power of forgiveness; not only from your own personal experiences but through other worldly examples. Like how rape victims or relatives of murdered family members are able to forgive the criminals and how much personal conviction is necessary for such an act to occur.