Can I have some tips on how to write a college application essay?

Can I have some tips on how to write a college application essay?
I have no idea
What am I supposed to write about? About How long should it be? What types of things should be in it? What format should it be in? First person? Persuasive essay? What types of things will the reader be looking for/want to read? Most importantly, What are should the contents of the essay be/about?

If you could just give any random advice about these essays or answer even just one of my questions that would be great. Thanks.

You want to seem like an individual; colleges can only admit so many people, and they want to avoid as many “plain” people as possible, because plain people tend to not help the college community or help themselves flower into great people. Plain people also tend to not supply much in the way of constructive criticism or help others form new ideas. While there is nothing inherently wrong with being plain, you’re likely to get overlooked by another potential student that spends their time rescuing dolphins off the coast of cuba, or whatever.

Write about where you want to go in life, and how college is an important stepping stone. If you’ve had a lot of interesting experiences that have changed you as a person, write about those experiences and how they’ve changed you, and how you foresee yourself growing in the future. If some traumatic experience you had as a younger person influenced your decision to be a neuroscientist, and that’s why you’re applying to get into a neuroscience program… you should let them know that.

If you don’t have any unique experiences, and your life has been pretty ho-hum and nothing comes to mind when you’ve read these suggestions, I’d say you should take a break from school and go TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE THINGS so that when you’re ready and raring to get back into school, you can “wow” the admissions board with tales of your exploits and other impressive stuff like your GPA and standardized test scores. So that when they read your page-and-a-half to two-page essay about your tales as a salty pirate in the arctic circle, they’ll say to each other, “Wow, AND this person gets good grades!”

That’s how you do that.