Can somebody help me with my paper?

Can somebody help me with my paper?
It’s based on the literary piece by Dick Gregory called “The Monster Inside Me”. My task is to determine what my monster is. I think I know what it is, but I don’t really know exactly how to expand this into an essay.

The best way to approach this is to just start writing what you feel. Don’t think too much about it. Just write. Let your inter self come to the surface and control what is written. Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling or anything else. Just write what you feel about this monster. Describe it; What does it look like? What color do you see? How does it make you feel? Don’t worry if what you write sounds silly. This is only the first step. No one but you will see this. After you are finished read it over and them take a 15min break. Come back and read it again. You should be able to start to form a picture of the monster. At this point you should be able to see the monster more clearly and start to write your essay. Again when you start the essay, just start writing what come to mind. Again don’t worry about all the technical stuff yet. After you finish, take another break, maybe start again the nest day. Next time you will take what you have and turn it into the essay you need. Hope this helps.