Can someone do my what is the American dream essay?

Can someone do my what is the American dream essay?
Directions- essay should be at least 3 paragraphs (intro body conclusion)

The American dream shapes all of American history. It is the foundation of the core believes and values that all Americans adhere. Explain what the American dream is and evaluate whether or not the American dream still exists. Do you think it is still possible for all Americans to achieve the American dream?

Sorry, but no. We cannot write your essay for you. We are here to HELP you not to do it for you.You have to write the essay all by yourself. Oh, and what do we get for writing a 3 paragraph essay? Yeah, we will get 10 points, but we’re doing ALL of the work and you’re doing nothing.You’ll be writing your name on it for something you did not do.This can be considered as plagiarizing.

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Edit- DO NOT copy the essay someone posted on here. They plagiarized it themselves.That essay came from BookRags.…

There is a site out there teachers can use to type something and see if it is plagiarized. If you are caught, you will face severe punishment such as failing the assignment,grade, or possibly the course.They will also put it on your academic record which does not look good when looking for a college.Plagiarizing is not the answer and it will get you into serious trouble. In addition to those consequences, you could get suspended.I can’t stop you from doing this, but I suggest to do the work yourself.

Also, look at the bottom of the page. You’ll see that it’s Copyrighted. That means that the author has full rights and anyone that copies it could be charged with a crime of theft. I’m just warning you about this with another user giving that essay to you. I just want to make sure that you just don’t copy and paste it without knowing the consequences.

However, you can take some ideas from that site, but DO NOT copy the whole thing.For example, the American dream is having full freedom and no responsibilities.