Can someone help me answer this philosophy essay question?

Can someone help me answer this philosophy essay question?
I have to write a detailed plan of what I would include in this essay

To what extent can god be held responsible for humanities inclination to sin? (60 marks)

Alright I’ll take a swing at this ;D

Ok so God made man, and while doing so he also gave us free will and logic of which people have and use all the time. Free will and common sense are the tools with which we act but of which God has no control over, only influence. Therefore god cannot be held accountble for human action because even if his influence is sinful we are armed with common sense and the free will to rebuke his orders.
Thus God cannot be held accountable for any act of humanity or inhumanity. He is completely unliable for any sin or great deed any person has achieved because when it comes right down to it every person decides for themselves whether they’ll sin or not.So individually, we decide the sins and great deeds we commit regardless of Gods influence.
Taking this idea that common sense and free will are the tools we use to determine if we will or have sined or not you can also state that God can also be held fully responsible for every human action because he gave us these gifts in the first place.

Good luck on you’re essay =)