Can someone please edit my essay?

Can someone please edit my essay?
Our society is becoming more diverse with individuals who are different from one another. Everyone is going to have different personalities, communicating, languages, values and beliefs that make us all unique. This is how individuals are different from one another but at the same time are the same. We all want the same things for ourselves and others. The dignity and worth of all human beings to be treated with respect and fairness and most of all, individuals having the opportunity to fully participate in decisions that can affect their lives. We would accept nothing less from each of us. I recognize that when looking at our differences, it is more than our ethnic background, heritage or culture. We as individuals need to take a broader view of things that make up the whole person and what makes us all unique. We ca can never stop learning new things about other people. I believe that once we begin to understand each person individually and recognize their strengths then maybe we can come together as individuals and embrace our differences.

This is my own experience with diversity. I grew up in a small community in Southern Texas where everyone interacted with one another regardless of our economic status or ethnic background. In this community, we were the only African American family that lived there. I came from a mixed background. My mother is Mexican American and my father is African American. I was raised by my mother in Southern Texas. While growing up, I identified more with my Spanish heritage. I had lived in Southern Texas for almost twenty-five years of my life, so I was used to interacting with individuals from Spanish cultures.

My mother was so nice to other people in the community and they were always accepting of our ethnic background. I grew up learning to speak the language in our community which was Spanish. Eventually, I learned how to speak Spanish fluently. I am glad that my grandmother was there to raise us while my mom went to work because I learned to speak Spanish from my grandmother. Her first language was Spanish so eventually I learned how to speak it too. I loved being able to speak two languages: English and Spanish. What I loved the most about the Mexican culture was of course the hot and spicy foods. I enjoyed the Mariachi music and eating Spanish foods such as tamales, burritos, enchiladas, and chimichangas. We would all go to church celebrations, or “Jamaica” where there was Mexican food, games, and even dances. I enjoyed doing these things in our community. Just by my being able to understand Mexican culture and the language has helped me to relate to other cultures that also speak Spanish. This is part of my heritage and culture that I will always embrace and will continue to learn about other cultures that their language is similar.

When I started going to college in Southern Texas, I stayed in the college dormitories. I can say for the most part this was a learning experience for me. I had to share my dorms with two other college students. One of the girls I met was African American that was soon to be my roommate for the next year. This was my friend that I did everything with. We had classes together and ate lunch together. I enjoyed our friendship and that we were both African Americans. So we had something in common. She talked to me about where she was from which was Detroit. I loved it. I was open to learning about her and where she was from and she did the same with me. I grew to appreciate both of my ethnic backgrounds.

When I moved to California, my experiences in Texas helped me to have an open mind about individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. My viewpoints were broadened by other cultures. I was more open to learning from individuals from other cultures.

I am biracial: my mother is Mexican and my father is Black. I was raised in a community where most of the population was Latino. Eventually I learned how to speak fluent Spanish. This community is part of my heritage. I want to do research to help improve the lives of the Latinos. I try to treat everyone that I serve with dignity and respect, regardless of our differences. Diversity means that one can listen to others whose background is not the same with dignity and respect, recognizing the differences between us without belittling or exaggerating them.

Even though part of my culture is Mexican and I understand and speak Spanish there were numerous times that I found myself being looked as “different” from my same culture. When I was in high school, I can remember going to lunch and other kids would be staring at me saying mean things to me in regards to my race. I could not understand at the time why I was being treated this way. Sometimes, I felt like I was an “outsider” while I was at school. I slowly understood that sometimes individuals are afraid of embracing other individuals that are different or unlike them sort to speak. But things did get be

Your essay needs much work. I tried to correct it but I have 2 kids one who is 1 who was just discharged from the hospital. So right now my hands are full.
You could do it on your own:
Your first paragraph should have the main idea’s of each paragraph (1 example from each paragraph in the body of your essay)
In each paragraph stick to the 1 example and describe it in details.
Last paragraph sum up just like in the opening paragraph and put in your “bang” ending.
You should do great if you follow this. 🙂
Like this:
I like my laptop. It has a great screen, keyboard, and mouse.
My screen blah blah…
The keyboard blah blah blah
The mouse blah blah blah
All in all my laptop is the best that I have ever worked with. With the great capabilities of the screen blah blah. Combined with the quick keys of the keyboard blah blah. Topping it off with the included mouse I couldn’t go wrong.
🙂 Hope this helps