Can someone please help me on an essay?

Can someone please help me on an essay?
I need an idea to write an epiphany, my teacher gave us an example: for instance, lets say u wanted to work, but ur parents said no.. u keep asking and finally they say yes but they say u cant use ur phone or anything.. u agree and then , one day u need to borrow money but they say no since u got a “JOB”. This is the example she gave me so can someone give me an idea PLEASe would appreciate it thanx!

What teenager hasn’t heard the warnings about taking drugs or drinking? Who hasn’t seen the advertisements on television about drugs? Or listened to lectures about drunk driving? I think you would have to live in a very remote area never to have heard anything at all about using drugs or drunk driving. After awhile it goes in one ear and out the other. We know already – let’s move on!

My parents never missed an opportunity to tell me about the hazards of street drugs. If a teen was arrested for drugs and it made the local paper my mom would cut it out and put it by my plate so I would be sure to see it when we sat down for supper. She would watch to make sure that I read it too. I soon learned it was easier to read it and make a few comments then to listen to her go on about it for an hour.

When it came time to get my driver’s license my mom and dad decided to hold me hostage with tales, threats, and warnings about the dangers of drugs, drinking, and driving for several hours. I listened – what else could I do? It was that or never get my license while I lived at home. Didn’t they think I could handle myself?

Then one night I wokeup with a start. I thought it was the end of the world, or at the very least an earthquake! My mom and dad rushed into my room and asked me if I was alright? I groggily answered them in the affirmative and asked them what had happened? Were we at war or what? It was then that I noticed the red lights on the walls of my bedroom flashing off and on.

Our house is set on a curve in our street. There is a huge oak tree out front near the street. It turned out that two teenage girls had been drinking and decided to drive home as fast as they could to get home before curfew. They missed the curve and hit the oak tree splitting it’s trunk with the impact. They were both killed instantly.

Now I knew why my parents lectured and preached to me all the time. I knew it was because they loved me and wanted to keep me safe, but I never really took to heart what they were saying to me. It hit home now. It went right to my heart because the two girls that had been killed were my best friends.