Can you answer my Questions about Fidm?

Can you answer my Questions about Fidm?
Im a junior in high school and plan on attending Fidm (Fashion Institute of Design and merchandising) in Los Angeles when I graduated and i have Few Questions. Mainly to the people who go or previously went there.

1) How is student life? is it social?
2) Is it hard to get a job while your in school?
3) How hard is it to get in?
4) What is an average day like?
5) How is going to Fidm better compared to a regular university?
6) How is the roomate process picked?
7) if i want to be an stylist what should i major in?
8) which apartments are better to live in?

thanks (:

These are all great questions! From what I can tell you, my friends loved FIDM and met a lot of really cool people who have the same interests! It’s also great for networking since the instructors still work in the field and there’s tons of career fairs you can attend, not to mention paid internships you can land if you look through the career center (a lot of students intern while they’re in school). In terms of getting in, my friends say they put 110% into their entrance project, essay and interview and really prepared so that goes far and makes things much easier. They also did a lot of homework (aka projects) when they weren’t in school and they also had internships. The campus is also a very creative atmosphere and that’s something you won’t really find at a CSU or UC. There’s student displays everywhere and work dedicated to successful people in the industry (my personal favorite is the Juicy Couture wall!) If you want to live in student housing, I do know that’s done through housing and they have apartments set aside for students around the campus and I hear they’re bomb! Fully decorated and so chic (that’s something you won’t find at a regular college for sure!) I’m not sure how they pick their roommates so that would be a great question for them. If you want to be a stylist you could major in visual communications or fashion design. Good luck and I hope this info helps you out!