Can you determine the writer’s skill?

Can you determine the writer’s skill?
What age do you think have written this essay?
Do you think it’s good?
The writers English is first or second?

Thanks 🙂

The world is such a huge place; it’s full of activities that contribute to climate change as it affects the environment and living creatures. Climate change is a big problem that everyone is involved in because it influences everyone around it. This essay persuades the reader about the bad affect of climate change caused by human activity, the bad impact of it and how can it be reduced.
Human activities play a big role in climate change in fact it’s the main factor in influencing negative impacts to the environment. According to texts 5-3, scientists indicate that climate changes causes by human activity are superimposed on natural changes. Human activities contribute to climate change by changing the earth’s atmosphere; this consequent on fossil fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas, which is formed from prehistoric animals and plants with the help of extreme heat and pressure. Fossil fuel and deforestation are two of the main factors that contribute to climate change. However, there are a lot of minor factors that contribute to climate change; a good illustration of this is aerosol. Burned fossil fuel components allow the sunlight to pass through the atmosphere freely. Some infrared radiations are re-emitted back though the atmosphere and out in to space when they hit the earth’s surface and some are trapped in the atmosphere casing heat, This process known as greenhouse gases effect. These negative components change the air’s atmosphere, which affects the earth and its living creatures by the climate change caused by human activities.

Humane activities play roles other than climate change which are the impacts that occur form it. According text 5-4, coal, oil and natural gas are used intensively for the purpose of transportation, manufacturing and other applications, this produce 80 to 85% of carbon dioxide, which means million of tons being added to the atmosphere as shown in figure 3.2. This consequent on diseases and bad heaths that leads to death, a good illustration of this is cancer. According to in 2006 a report by United Nation and agriculture organization indicates that livestock are affected by the bad impact of climate change and they affect human health as people eat them. Therefore, it’s important to know that extra awareness is necessary because climate change caused by human activities have negative impacts to human and causes bad health with environmental issues.
There are many solutions toward reducing the problem of climate change. According to text 5-4, some particles caused by human activities are able to reduce the burned fossil fuel components heat by changing the amount of energy observed. However, an intensive study indicates that these particles effects could be uncertain. The best way to reduce this issue is through education. Such as, teaching and learning to educate people, how to deal with the problem and more impotently is to avoid the bad impacts of climate change. Climate change affects cannot be totally fixed. However taking advantage of the solutions is the best way to reduce the climate change negative impacts.

The essay is written in a very basic, straightforward manner. I would probably assume that the author was around 14 or 15, perhaps 8th or 9th grade.

Like I said before, the essay is pretty basic. But there is technically nothing blatantly wrong with it. It’s just not the most eloquent thing to read.

Aside from a few errors, which I would normally attribute to typing errors, or just from not paying attention, I would think that English was the writer’s first language.

If it is in fact your second language, congrats. The English is very good, almost entirely correct.