Can you find me a picture of….?

Can you find me a picture of….?
Can anyone find me a picture of a supreme ordeal?
It means ultimate test of wit and courage that threatens a hero’s life.
So like, a picture of someone being put in danger?
I’m trying to explain as best as I can:P

The reason I ask is cause I’m doing an essay on The Odyssey and I needed to find a picture to fit this one quote. But I can’t:/ So please helppp. thanks:D.

now i am not religious but it does kind of fit the description. He is the whole worlds hero and going up on the cross definitely put him in danger.…


a more realistic one that really hits home, these guys are the real heros, it takes a lot of courage to do what they do and the are put in danger, ‘no more blood for oil’…

hope these are the type of things you were looking for, wasn’t quite sure if these are the type of things you wanted after all these are just different peoples versions of danger and heros. <3