can you give me any SAT essay tips?

can you give me any SAT essay tips?
Tomorrow ill sit the sat and i see i have weaknesses in my essay… can you give me any good tip on how to write a good essay? i have read some tips in books but they’re general and say nothing new…thanks for your help!

i’m taking the SAT tomorrow too….in my AP english classes, good essay writing strategies have been drilled into my head, so i think i may be able to help.

i usually start out by circling key words in the prompt, so i don’t miss anything. when writing under pressure, it’s easy (for me anyway) to start writing about something that you know, but doesn’t have a lot to do with the prompt.

another thing, is just do a really quick outline. think about what you wanna say (maybe 3 or 4 ideas – one for each paragraph) then start writing your intro. especially with timed tests, this eliminates a lot of going back and rewriting.

have you taken the SAT before? if so, i need some tips on the multiple choice sections! let me know, i hope this helped.