Can you negotiate a transfer from another college?

Can you negotiate a transfer from another college?
Ok, so when I graduated high school I decided to start off at a community college in order to spend less money. At first it was all good and dandy, I had no job and focused most of my time(not all) in school and ended up earning a 3.4 colum. GPA my first semester. Everything was going as planned so far so I enrolled for another semester at that same college.

Here is were it kind of went down hill, not so bad though. Wanting money to spend I ended up looking for a job and working part time. With work, hanging out and school I slacked off a little bit in the things that mattered which were my classes and to sum it all up my GPA fell from a 3.4 to a 2.3. I needed to pick up my game and focus in school….sadly I did not.

I enrolled once more to try and bring my GPA back up to good standing but around midway I got promoted to a managing position at my job and I had switched to full time work along with full time school before the promotion. I managed to get at least 1 B, withdrew in time for another and bombed my other two classes :(. This dropped my GPA to below a 2.0(1.9) to be exact and I ended up hating myself for letting this happen. Now last and the most recent semester was the worst… . Earning 1 C and failing my other three classes, I was still managing full time at my job and going to school full time as well and I know that was a horrible idea just like the semester prior. Now my GPA is a low 1.6 and I have decided to take the initiative.

I know I can handle school full time and work part time and earn decent grades, however, I decided to just throw work out of the equation and only go to school(I saved enough for school expenses) which is and always should have been my highest priority. I enrolled once more but this time in a different community college(tax rates took a big bite 🙁 but hey I have to pay the consequences) in order to retake some of the courses I failed through out my year run in crapsville in order to raise my GPA once more. I am certain(since I quit my job) that with my full focus in school I could easily make all A’s this semester(they only allowed me to enroll in 3 classes however 🙁 ). I know one semester of A’s wont repair the damage I have caused or even get my GPA up to a 2.0 but I wanted to know is it possible to negotiate a transfer to a 4 year university if I get very good grades this semester and talk with one of the specific colleges’ counselors(btw am not aiming for ivy league schools, more like Texas A&M).


Get A’s this semester and speak with a counselor from A&M. Show that I had great and decent grades my first year but I slacked off my second. Attempting to somewhat repiar the damage this semester and was willing to quit my job to focus solely in school in order to assure I returned to my old self when I first started community college.

Take the SAT, I asked and was told that its never too late to take the SAT(I never took it). I was also told that it wont hold much weight now however since its used to measure freshmen admission standing. But if I score high maybe it could pull away some of the heat my GPA will be receiving.

Take some CLEP tests to restore some of the lost credits. I know CLEP exams do not effect your GPA but they do grant you college credit in courses you pass the exam in.

Willing to be placed in academic probation if accepted to further prove I can raise my grades.

If all proves successful…I earn all A’S, score decent or high on the SAT, pass my CLEPS and request probation could I have something to stand on when I go later this semester(like around november) to talk with an A&M adviser even though my GPA will not be a 2.0(impossible to raise it to a 2.0 in one semester I was told, especially if I am only allowed to take 3 classes).

I did not realise how much I typed xD. What about throwing in an Essay explaining what happened as well lol.

Overall, you have a great plan. If you’re worried about the SAT, you should be relieved to know that many colleges are no longer requiring incoming students to have an SAT or ACT score.

Here’s a list of colleges that don’t require the SAT or ACT: That list is current as of this summer.

CLEP is an affordable option to earn accredited college credits that can transfer. Be advised that you will want to check with your college to determine how many CLEP credits they’ll accept and which CLEP test credits they will accept. Each college will have a different policy on CLEP or DSST exams.

Next, get referral letters or letters of endorsement to help make your case to the admissions department. A few referral letters can go a long way. And if you could get a referral letter from a former professor, that would be good for your case.

Best wishes on your college success.