cause and effect essay??!!?

cause and effect essay??!!?
I’m writing a cause and effect paper and I had to do in something dealing with technology. I chose “the cause and effect of the itunes digital media”. I kinda have an outline kinda started, but I still need some ideas and ideas on how to start it!!! any help would be great!!!

Here’s a few points you may want to cover. Cause can be related to the demand for consumers to purchase the exact music they want, when they want it. CDs are less popular because if you want to buy just one song online, you can pay $.99. If it weren’t for the internet, you would probably pay between $10 and $20 for a CD which you might not even listen to the whole thing. The effect music on the internet has had has been both good and bad. Consumers are paying for what they want at their convenience, but CD sales have decrease and music is being shared illegally. Some music is shared for free, so now the record companies and artists are losing projected revenue. These are some ideas. If it were me, I would gather all of your thoughts to find the main focus of your essay. Once you know which direction you want to go in, write a thesis statement which will be the “outline” for your paper. i.e. Itunes has given music consumers what they want, but who is really paying the price? Your next paragraph would be about consumer demand and how itunes came into play. Your next few paragraphs can each address a few of the effects. Then your closing paragraph can some everything up. Hope this helps.