cause and effect warming?

cause and effect warming?
im writing a cause and effect essay about global warming for school and i need to know some causes,effects, and how much the Earth’s temp rises each year. thank u!

Do a Google search on “hockey stick” “global warming” . You will get a wealth of information on Earth’s temperature rise. This is because the graph of Earth’s temperature for the past 1000 years shows a gradual downward trend, followed by a sharp jump upwards during the last 100 years or so – making the graph look like a hockey stick. As far as the figures are concerned, a good reference would be… , because it shows degrees Celsius vs temperature. One of the references shows the Earth has warmed one degree since 1970.

The main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane that result from humankind’s use of fossil fuels. These gases let the Sun’s heat in but won’t let it back out again. So it builds up, so much so that on Venus, the temperature is 900 degrees F.

If “An Inconvenient Truth” is playing in your area, see the movie. It has good explanations for the causes and effects.