Cause or Effect Essay?

Cause or Effect Essay?
I have to write a cause or effect essay, and I want to write on eating disorders….how would I do that in a cause or effect essay? What would my main points be?

You can search google or anywhere online abut the causes of eating disorders. IE Peer Pressue, Stress, wanting to look thin. Those are the “Causes” of an eating disorder. You now explain why people do this, what is causeing them to binge and purge. Then explain the negative effects it can have the body and mind, this would be the effect. So in the beginning paragraph I would state three causes that start an eating disorder or you can make up short stories about 3 people. The first person, starting an eating disorder because of peeer pressure. Soon they lost all energy and became depressed. And on and on, like that, try really getting inot the psyche of these women and men. Don’t forget to mention men, because even those eating disorders are more prevelant in women, men face them as well. I hope that helps, just try looking at everything you write at a diffrent angle and not just the same thing as everyone else.