Certified Nursing assitant essay (CNA)?

Certified Nursing assitant essay (CNA)?
My manager read this beautiful essay to me called “I’m just a CNA”. I would like to print it out and give it to my mom who works as a CNA.
My manager quit her job and I don’t see her anymore. So I was wondering if anyone knows where to find this essay.

is this the one you are thinking of?

I am ‘just’ a CNA
Working daily for my pay
I trained to learn these special skills
To help relieve you of your ills
I’m only human, nothing more,
But when you call I’m at your door
I answer bells and call lights often
Your needs to fill, your pain to soften
If I don’t come when you call
I’m helping someone down the hall
If I can’t fix your problem now
I find the nurse to show me how
My goal is to make sure your stay
Is safe and happy every day
I’m a human being too
With wants and needs, a lot like you
I enjoy your hugs and smiles
They make me go those extra miles
To have you tell me ‘Thank you, dear’
Is special music to my ear
And if I’m having a bad day
Remember what I may not say:
You’re special, and I love you. You’re why I chose to be a CNA

Cherry Walker a CNA at Winthrop Manor Nursing Home in Rome, Georgia.