Chance of me getting into Boston University?

Chance of me getting into Boston University?
So I have about a 3.3 GPA and my SAT scores are as follows: 590 in math, 540 in reading, and 540 in writing. Im taking them again but I submitted an early application with those results. My essay is killer and I worked a lot on it with my counselor. Also I have a lot of work experience with a corporate team and my uncle attended BU. However, I dont really have any school involved activities except for being a member of earth club and a participant of relay for life. What do you think my chances of getting in are with the above info?

I think you are on the bubble, probably just below the bubble actually. And it isnt good that you had to have someone else write your essay!

If you get accepted, you are going to be in class with mostly students who are much better academically than you – about 30% of BU students scored over 700 on their SATs and had HS GPAs more like 3.6 or 3.7. And they wrote their own essays without help. So, for the next four years you will have to compete against them.

Why dont you go for a college where the students are more on your own level and the faculty won’t shake their heads and wonder how you got in! I’m not being mean – I’m thinking about how you can choose a college that is really the right one for you!