Chances at Boston University? Early Decision?

Chances at Boston University? Early Decision?
overall GPA for Freshman, Sophomore, and junior year:
Unweighted: 3.35
Weighted: 3.62

got 4 IB classes and 3 honors classes so far throughout my years.

Senior year, i am taking 5 IB classes.

i am currently a junior.

go to a prestigious catholic school.

i want to apply EARLY DECISION to Boston University.

if i get around a 1910-2010 on m SAT’s (have ALOT of tutoring)

and taking these SAT Subject Tests:
Math 1

i went to Boston University’s Summer Challenge program.

i also am going to Boson University’s High School honors program and taking Biology 1 and Introduction to Political Theory and getting college credit for them.

Following Clubs:
Environmental Club
Young Democrats
Great Books club

i play the Clarinet

Sports: Varsity Basketball “B”, varsity Handball, Varsity Bowling

i do Photography

Running for Class President and def. going to win.

410 Hours of Community Service.

Certified for CPR/First Aid.

MathA: 89
Bio: 83
Global History: 92
Chemistry: 89

Live in New York

I applied to BU and I’m actually waiting to hear from them!!
“Getting into BU is not hard, paying for it is.” This is what an admissions officer at BU told me when he came to my high school to get people to apply. If you have over a 3.5 you are more than likely going to get in. Also, if you score even a 1800 on your SAT’s you are set.
Like I said, getting in is not hard, paying for BU is. It can cost you anywhere between 48,000-52,000 a year. They offer lots of scholarships and their Financial Aid package is pretty generous.
I think you will def get in. Just make sure you keep up your grades through the first semester of your senior year at least.
Your EC’s look great and a school like BU really likes that that.
Try and visit the campus if you can before applying because it look good.
Have great letters of rec. and personal essays. know why u want to go their for the “why i wanna go to BU” topic.
also, if u apply ED you HAVE to go to school there. so unless u are sure that u have the money don’t do it.
check this site out:…

I really hope you get in because BU is a great school.

Don’t listen to the guy who told u to go to class more often. And he said BC! U are not applying to BC. people are so rude!