Chances at getting into UChicago?

Chances at getting into UChicago?
I am a junior in high school and i just took the SATs. I got a 2200 overall with 700 reading 710 math and 790 writing, and my gpa is a 3.9. With consistent extracurriculars in varsity sports, music, and academic clubs, does anyone have a reliable guess as to my chances at UChicago or somewhere similar?

Here is the deal. You sound well rounded, however, you have to really let who you are shine in you essay questions. I am a member of the class of 2014 at UChicago and I really feel that they look at the essay and class ranking most. My is to really be yourself in your essay, be comical, whimsical. Let them know why you are so great. But I think you have a great shot at getting in. Next year, keep your grades up. Get involved in tons of community service over the summer and hold leadership in some organization at your school next year. Also, make sure that you are taking rigorous class to show them you like a challenge. UChicago is all about that. I think you have an awesome shot.