Chances at top schools (Stanford, Princeton, WashU, Northwestern)?

Chances at top schools (Stanford, Princeton, WashU, Northwestern)?
SAT: 2270
M: 720
CR: 780
W: 770 (10-essay)
GPA (UW): 4.3
GPA (W): 4.0
Rank: 1/216
9th: Human Geo.,
10th: US History, Biology,
11th: AB Calculus, English Language,
12th: BC Calculus, Chinese Language, Statistics, Chemistry, Psychology

-internship/cancer research at local university (very competitive spot–only 5% admitted
-teach Chinese to first graders at local Chinese school
-co-captain of debate team
-volunteer weekly at church
-part time job at restaurant

Scholastic awards for Pre-calc, Humanities, AP Bio, AP USH
Spalding University Book Award
KY governors scholars

Do I have a chance at Stanford, Princeton, WashU, or Northwestern, regular or early decision? I appreciate your feedback!

You have a great shot. Unfortunately, the private schools like Stanford are a mystery for who they let in. I used to say that they took all the qualified applications and threw them in the air. whichever ones stuck, they were accepted. I got into Caltech and was rejected from Stanford. Caltech was my 1st choice, and I would have gone to Berkley over Stanford as a second choice, but I still wanted to reject them.

If anything the ECs are a little light. School government would have been good, but the competitive internship is helpful. Make sure you pick your recommenders carefully. They need to do more than write the standard “great kid” recommendations. They really need to gush about how you are one of, if not the best, kid they have ever taught.

As for schools, I would not put Wash U in the same class as the others. I assume you want to get into medical school down the road? Why not apply to UCB as well? Sure it is pricey for out of state students, but no more than Stanford.