Chances for NYU stern?

Chances for NYU stern?
Hey guys,future senior from Long Island, New York here.

Ethnic Background: Russian, Ukranian
Residence: NY
Interests: Business, Computer Science
financial aid: No
Graduating from competitive public school in 2009

GPA:ut of a 100 scale.
Unweighted: 92.5
Weighted: 97

Since 8th grade, I’ve been enrolled in the honors program, and take the highest level classes available.
You see, freshman and most of sophomore year I slacked a little bit, and then Junior kicked it into gear. That will explain why I have a few low B’s on my transcript as well as maybe two or three C’s.
By the time I graduate I will have taken over 8 AP classes, and numerous other “honors level” classes

Test Scores::::

Math: 750
CR: 720
Wr: 680
Biology: 670
World History: 740
I am planning on taking Math II as well

Over 120 hours volunteering at local Russian School that my mom runs. Just helping teachers out, etc.
50 hours at radiology department at local hospital. Most boring crap ever, (calling doctors and jotting down their fax numbers)

I created a non-profit organization (obviously with help of my dad) to aid underprivileged kids of former Soviet republics, which would include Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. . I took several trips with my dad to visit orphanages in Moscow, and rural Ukraine to deliver goods to these kids.
Due to my dad’s business connections we were able to get donations of up to $10,000.

Also this taught me several business skills, as well as the thousands of hours that I spent working on it, which are technically “community service hours”
These skills include leadership, managing business, web design,etc.
I can honestly write a killer essay using this.

Just this past summer(just got back a few days ago lol), I studied abroad for 4 weeks in Prague. Specifically, Interanational Business and global marketing classes, with the University of Economics Prague.

(Clubs, etc)
FBLA(future business leaders of America)Since 10th grade
-We placed high in States
School Paper.. since 10th grade
– I intermittently wrote tech reviews, but created a website for the newspaper to post articles online. coded using HTML btw.
Business Honors Society
French Honors Society
National Honor Society

Varsity Tennis Since 9th grade
All county for 2 years straight. Hopefully states next year
USTA tennis player
Rank in top 60 in State

how would I chance at NYU Stern?!?

You seem extremely qualified. However, I just want to remind you that NYU rejects most applicants. But you have a great chance of being admitted.

I just want to suggest one thing — the admissions essay is critical. Many people think extra-curriculars are more important but they are not; they are easy to pad and hard to verify. This is why the admissions essay is heavily weighted.

Buy a couple of highly rated books on how to construct your admissions essay from Barnes and Noble (first look them up on amazon and read the customer reviews). If you write a killer admissions essay your chances will increase dramatically.

As for freshman and sophomore year, try not to worry too much. Junior year is placed under the most scrutiny.

In your senior year, take the most challenging program available. Take mostly if not all AP classes or as many as you can handle. Try to receive As in all the classes. Your mid-year report of grades is very important in deciding college admissions so do not let them slip!

You may want to consider applying to Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Boston College, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt.

Lastly, contact the tennis coach at the schools you are applying to — they just may recruit you if you are as good as you say.