how would i cite
where would i find like the author or whatever

btw this is going to have to be in mla format

and in the middle of my essay if i write something from the website how do i cite it then??

The format for web pages in MLA is generally like this:

Author(s). “Webpage Title.” Source (i.e. online library, etc. – not commonly used). Copyright Date. Company That Maintains Website. Date You Visited Site complete web address.

If yuo don’t have some information, then just skip it and fill in as much as you know. In your case, we don’t have an author or a source, so we can leave those out:

“” 2007. Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee. 27 January 2007

If you are citing this website in an essay, just use whatever is first – in your case, you can do something like this:

Hillary Clinton has long been an advocate for families and children, as demonstrated by her work as First Lady of Arkansas (

The key is to make sure that your citation in your essay matches the listing on your Works Cited page.