citing a newspaper article HELP!!!!!!?

citing a newspaper article HELP!!!!!!?
i want to know how to cite it IN THE ESSAY like after the quote what would I write???? is it (qt. LAST NAME SECTION OF NEWSPAPER)????? in MLA

Purchase Mary Lynn Rampolla’s Pocket Guide to Writing in History. Its small, and tells you how to cite and write bibliographies and has examples. You can of course use it for more than just history.

A newspaper article would be the same as a journal article. Check out this site, which is a form you enter the information into and then it puts it into the proper citation.
However, I still recommend looking at Rampolla, cause the site may not be accurate to your teacher’s standards. There are different ways and styles of citing a source and Rampolla illustrates this clearly. Your essay will improve with this resource, or any other written citation reference.