College Adimission’s Essay???

College Adimission’s Essay???
How long should it be?
Are you allowed to use 1st and 2nd person?
Is there a certain outline (like 5 paragraph essay)?
What are they looking for?
Is it ok to be somewhat casual and make jokes?

I asked it in this section because I am not getting any luck in the Higher Education one and I figure most of you have been through this if you have kids and all. Thanks soo much for your help!

*No essay should EVER use 2nd person pronouns.

Your college essay should be about 1.75-2 pages double spaced (or 1 page not double spaced) and there isn’t a certain format, though it should have an intro, body (how ever many you want) and a conclusion. Don’t make it too long (some colleges have a page length). This will be written in 1st person because you’re writing about yourself in one way or another.
Colleges are usually looking for essays about events that have changed your life (and how), things that you consider important to you and why, life lessons you’ve learned etc. For example..colleges don’t want to read an essay about a close family member passing away…instead they want to read about how the death/struggle of this person made an impact on your life. They don’t want to read about how much you love music but how music motivates you etc. They want to learn about WHO YOU ARE. Do NOT write about how much you love the school, why you should be admitted etc UNLESS they ask. If they don’t ask…they don’t care.
USE DETAIL! Check agreements! (he/she= himself/herself, one=oneself, them=themselves etc) Vary sentence beginnings.
Some colleges actually have essay topics they want you to write about, so check on the college website before writing. Write this professionally (so no jokes…this is after all part of the admissions process) and have someone read it over such as a parent or teacher.
Best Wishes! =]