college admissions essay?

college admissions essay?
for my college admissions essay, i was thinking about doing something unique. the prompt is “we are looking for an exciting and diverse student body. why should we choose you for attendance?” (something to that effect…)

i was thinking about writing an essay about the penpals i’ve had over the years and the many lessons i’ve learnt through it. for example, i’ve learned to keep an open mind, to be unbiased and unprejudiced, to reject stereotypes and look for the person underneath, to overcome my preconceived notions about something, how to appreciate and immerse myself in another person’s culture (i became active in the school’s culture club because of this) and appreciate the differences between everybody. i also learned the importance of keeping up to date with global affairs, and being a worldly citizen.

my desired major is international relations or psychology.

i know that there’s a textbook response that most colleges look for, but im applying to some of the more selective and prestigious universities (ivy league) and i want to write something that will help my chances, not harm them.

would writing this essay do me any good? or is it a bit TOO original, and should i just stick to the textbook essay type? (about a special talent or experience or something…)

thank you so much for your help!!

–nervous college wannabe

Ok. So I just applied to a very prestigious private university and was accepted. (On a side note, is there only one prompt?) Anyway….NEVER do the textbook essay. Colleges hate that. If you were to do that, you would seem ordinary, lacking of creativity, and such. Go with what feels right, because the essay is meant to refelct YOU…to make YOU stand out from every other senior applying there. If you are good writer, then write one!!!! Essays give the admissions board a chance to gain insight to your character and creative abilities!! Unless you fail to answer the prompt or something like that, essays cannot hurt you.