College Application Essay- paragraphs?

College Application Essay- paragraphs?
How many should i have? 1, 2, 3, 4? Certainly not 5 right? I mean i can only have 500 words. What is the usual for this? I am not use to a word limit haha.

It doesn’t matter as long as the structure corresponds to what you are saying. Try not to make it all one paragraph; generally, a paragraph should be approximately 5-7 sentences.

It’s beneficial to be creative with your app essay. Don’t make it the typical intro-body-conclusion essay because that’s the easy, boring way to do it, and admissions officers see it a lot. Break the mold a little bit, but stick to the 500-word guideline.

If they don’t mention a paragraph guideline, then they won’t penalize you for your essay, no matter how it’s structured. As long as it’s good. Make it good.