college essay help about editing over the summer?

college essay help about editing over the summer?
so i’m trying to complete some of my supplemental apps over the summer (just first drafts) since I will be really busy in the fall with sports and school. once i get to school, i’m definitely going to ask for teachers to help edit it, but as for the summer, is there some organization or online grader that can give me suggestions on how to improve it? thanks

At, our editors will edit your essay for word choice, sentence structure, tone, and clarity, and they will make suggestions on organization and structure. Where necessary, we’ll also provide a gentle critique to let you know where you could bolster your arguments and strengthen the document. We’ll also look for spelling, grammar, and typographical errors.

It’s the kind of expert essay editing support you can’t get from your friends or your busy instructor. Best of all, you’ll be able to learn from the edit, because you’ll be able to see what we’ve changed, and this will help make you a better writer.