College essay?? HELP PLEASE..?

College essay?? HELP PLEASE..?
The essay topic is “someone who has impacted your life” I want to write the essay about being the youngest of 6 girls until my little sister was born. I felt like it was my responsibility to set a better example for her than my other sisters did for me. How should I start the first paragraph and what are some things I can talk about throughout the essay.Thanks!

I think that is a great topic to write on. For the first paragraph I would set it up so that you can describe what the rest of the essay will be about. Talk about the responsibility siblings have to one another. For a college essay, make sure there is a lot of emotion and passion. The writers of college essays always look for moving stories that show a person who is motivated and a leader. Talk about the emotional impact the responsibility of setting a good example had on you as well has how it shaped you throughout your life. Talk of a comparison between your sister’s example and the one you wanted to give. Also, tell why you wanted to give a better example in as much detail as possible. This should be somewhere in the beginning.