College Essay: How to start it?

College Essay: How to start it?
I am writing my college essay on why I want to be a nurse. I listed reasons why I want to be a nurse some include helping people, I’m interested in the human body, learning everyday, meeting new people, etc. I was also going to talk about some people in my family who have cancer and diabetes. I might add in that I had always wanted to be a lawyer at first but then changed it to nursing. “When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours”.  ~Author Unknown (I might use this quote too?) I have ideas but I do not know how I should start it and what else I should put in it or take out. It can’t be very long.

You have to be extremely careful when it comes to the format of your essay. Colleges generally expect the five-paragraph formal format, or Introduction, Body (three points), Conclusion.

Use the quote as the first sentence of your essay. Write a few sentences about the quote and how it has impacted your life. Then state your thesis (see below).

You need a thesis statement. Based upon the information you’ve included, it sounds like your thesis statement should be similar to the following: “I want to be a nurse because I love helping people, I have an interest in learning more about the human body, and I have experience assisting the sick.” This sentence will be your GUIDE throughout the entire writing process. Your end goal is to explain this sentence.

Your format should be as follows.

Thesis statement.

No more than three paragraphs, perhaps about these topics:

“I want to help people.”

“I have an interest in learning more about the human body (I learn more every day).”

“I can, and do, take care of sick people.”

Restate your thesis.