College essay? Is this appropriate to write about?

College essay? Is this appropriate to write about?
I’m good writing essays about other things not involving me. I’ve realized, I can’t get threw writing this without putting my heart into it. I want to B.S. it so bad. I’m a person who puts my emotions deep deep deeeep down inside me. I use humor & smiles everyday. No one can tell there’s something wrong with me. When i look at suggestions for this essay, I know I’m going to have to find all those emotions inside me. So when i listen to sad music as inspiration, I think about my father abusing me, my boyfriend mentally abusing me, how I am just so used to the abuse. I think bout depression, how i feel I’m in alone in the pitch black. And the biggest abuser in my life, myself. I let myself be degraded (I’m a sex addict), how I can’t love myself.. even though I joke about how I am so vain all the time. I dont know how to put this into an essay. I haven’t overcame these struggles so I still sound like a wreck. They would think, why am i accepting to her into a college, she needs to go to a mental hospital. Can anyone help me, I’m really struggling with this essay?!

If there is not a more specific prompt, the best college essays discuss what you can contribute to the college and give examples from your high school experience to show that your claim is credible. An example would be establishing a new club or reinvigorating an existing club. Those are just examples. Many more experiences would also qualify.

Making yourself sound like a victim ironically works only for Harvard and UC Berkeley as their admission offices are full of bleeding-heart liberals, but you still need to have a qualifying academic record.