college essay..just a little help to get me started?

college essay..just a little help to get me started?
ok college essay time most colleges have pretty general topics so you can write about pretty much anything. Im a photographer(photo journalism) and the colleges im apply to are the few that offer photography as a major. and my essay choices are 1 describe a significant experience or achievement that has meaning to you or 2 discuss your goa for the future and how our college can assist you in reaching them. just need somes tips of where to start maybe ideas of what you are/ have done for essays that might make an idea pop into my head….thanx in advance

For Option 1: Have you ever taken a photograph that really spoke volumes? For example, something unharmed amidst a disaster … a poignant shot of an elderly person … something that when you developed it, even you said “WOW!!”

You could insert a copy of the photograph into the essay and describe the circumstances surrounding it and all the emotions it brought out in you. Tell why you think it is a thought-provoking photograph. From there, explain what your own personal mission is with your photography.

For Option 2: Think! What ARE your goals for the future? What DO you want to do with photojournalism? Make a list of those 2 things and once you have your list down, refined and sounding mature, consider what are the steps necessary for you to achieve it and make a list of those. How can attending THIS college, where photo journalism is a degree plan, help you to achieve those goals? What do you believe you need that you are currently lacking to obtain from higher education to enable you to be a better photo journalist? Now, lay it on thick about why you want admission into that particular school .. you’ve heard great things about it; it’s your understanding that they have the best photojournalism degree plan and the best is what you want.

Hope that help some..