College essay length help please!?

College essay length help please!?
I am completely aware that the Common App personal essay says to stay within 500 words, and from what I’ve read many people reccomend staying within this limit, however after hours of editing I can only get my essay down to 1,100 words. I wrote about my mom’s donation of bone marrow/a kidney to my uncle who had Leukemia. I hold the story near and dear to my heart and I feel as though taking out any of what I have left would hinder the effectiveness of the essay.
Will admission officers get annoyed with this or will they understand why I went over the limit?
Will I automatically be rejected?
Anddd have any of you had experience (acceptance or rejected) as a result of a too long essay?
Thanks so much!

Condense Condense Condense. I personal feel that they should have the range say 500-1000 because some students (like you) have more to say in special circumstances. But the reason why it is only 500 words is because the college has many essays to read and they dont want to be bogged down by one essay even if its amazing work. Focus on what the donation of the bone marrow and kidney meant to your uncle and why it shows how precious life can really be. I hope you get in to the school of your choice. Good Luck.