College Essay. Problem.?

College Essay. Problem.?
I wrote an incredibly essay on Art but I want to apply to a REALLY good engineering school. Should I include things that relate to engineering or should I purely focus on character?

Example. If I were to relate to Engineering
I have the tools. I have a goal. Art has taught me that I needed something to give me an idea. I wanted something that was definite. I wanted something that has a more orderly way of doing things unlike painting. I wanted something that had more passion or flare, unlike sculpting. [Not a great example but i’ll think of something.]

If I were to focus on character,
Painting never defined me as a person because I could never feel the definite and finished product. I’m the type of guy who wants something finished. Sculpting never appealed to me. The dull colors and the irregular shape just made me bored with the work.
[Talks about how I am a guy who likes things done and wants to do something with passion.]

Which one should I do? I’m currently focusing on character but I’m afraid the admission office will see me as an art student rather than a student who wants to study engineering?

what is the essay prompt that you are given for the application? you have to write to the prompt and not diverge. You don’t just write a random essay about any topic you choose. The topic that we saw most frequently on applications was to “choose this space to write anything about yourself that hasn’t been revealed thus far in the application, to share with us why you think you are a good choice to come to this school”. That is a pretty basic prompt but you have to be original and memorable. Not repeat all the awards and your grades etc.. Other applications actually had a choice of three different essays and you got to choose one.

I think your question is premature because you don’t know what you are being given to write about.