COLLEGE ESSAY QUESTION help.. please introductory and concluding paragraph?

COLLEGE ESSAY QUESTION help.. please introductory and concluding paragraph?
Well for a college essay, basically I have to write about what I’m going to do with my education and how it will eventually help me, and why I’d want to have education at a certain college

so for the body of the essay, I started to write
1) that I’m undecided for a major, but what I plan to do with a degree in general
2) possible majors I might be considering and why
3) why I want to go to a certain school and reasons

I’ve started writing, but I don’t know how to connect the ideas or write an intro or concluding paragraph…

those seem like very different topics, I don’t know how to connect them
any ideas greatly appreciated!

try approaching your essay from a “creative nonfiction” POV.

as in, though your topics are very academically minded, try to make them flow in an almost story-like way so that the admissions officer is drawn in. you know, it’s okay not to even mention the actual point / “moral/lesson” of your essay until the last couple paragraphs.

maybe you could pick a certain anecdote from your life that has had a big impact on you and that it’s possibly influenced your major choice, or a special hobby or interest you’ve always had that you might want to do for the rest of your life.

i.e. (and this is just a totally random idea lol) as a kid, you’ve always spent hours in the library, maybe during boring summers and rainy weekends. spend a couple paragraphs talking about how free you felt reading (use A LOT of IMAGERY and DESCRIPTION, like how totally lost you got into books or how maybe you remember how a certain corner in the library literally, physically felt), and then wrap up saying though you’d love thinking of pursuing a major in English, reading has set you thinking about thousands of other possibilities. name certain majors and people you’ve read about specifically. talk about how that school has all the resources and options available for you to pursue any dream you eventually settle on. there, you would’ve covered all three points lol.

but that’s just a totally random idea lol. don’t forget: imagery (creates interest and shows you’re a good writer), a clear conclusion (one that doesn’t have to be obvious right away at the start, as in no 5 paragraph formats here lol, that’s too boring), and show passion / enthusiasm. that’s the general gist of what i’ve gotten from writing college essays though, so i hope that’s helped!