College Essay Topics Help?

College Essay Topics Help?
Im kinda weird about writing, but im starting my college essays and the topic is to write about a person who has made an impact on your life. Most people I know are writing about a family member or the president, but I feel like that is so predictable. So I want to write my essay about someone different like a cartoon character or something else crazy like that. I’m thinking about tinkerbell. Any suggestions?

I love essays!!! if college was based on essays i’d be top student .. no but seriously, you can write about a lot of people. If I were you i would write about Walt Disney, you can make your essay like this..

Describe the first time you saw a disney movie/theme park etc.. add something like “and it was all possible because of Walt Disney”

Second paragraph
Start describing Walt Disney, kind of like a small biography but focus on the creation of his characters and love for the children

third paragraph
Start describing all the good things and memories about growing up with the magic of disney

start describing how diff your life would be without disney and its movies

Maybe research about the statistics # of people who use their make a wish to go to disney… remark how important it is to a lot of people, give examples

why you lve disney, the impact in your life, how th world is diff because of him etc..