College essay topics?

College essay topics?
I really want to apply and hopefully go to University of richmond through early decision, but I’m having the worst time with my college essay. I can’t find I topic that I like enough to stick to. Any suggestions on the topic I should write my college essay about?

In my college today, there was Representatives from University of Richmond, they said it is great school to study and earn your degrees! good choice!!
anyways, my suggestions would be
: Why do you wanna study in that school? give speficic reasons, topic would be smth like ‘ My dream school or why should i be one of the students of the University of Richmond” /smth like that
OR you could choose ” how do i see myself 10 years from now on”
“National debt and how can we survive?”
Hunger in africa or asia
Computer addiction for teens
What should we change about our community to make it better and more convinient for our children?
even who do you wanna date from hollywood!! ( haha just kidding 😉

smth like these would make a great topic essay! and i wish you the best to get into the school of your dream! someday in next year, hopefully i will be in William and Mary too!