College Essay?

College Essay?
I am applying to Pace U, NYU, LIU, and other smaller schools. I plan on studying Nursing but i need help with my essay to submit with my application. I want to write about why i want to study nursing but i need like an outline or questions to keep me focused on my topic Can anyone help?

Think about what draws you to nursing–are you going to be the first nurse in your family? Do you like to care for people and see the reward? Do you like to know that you can help the world?

My advice:

I. Why nursing is interesting to me
II. My past–did you play doctor? Were you interested in the doctors when your sister broke her wrist?
III. The present–why you should go to that school to study nursing. Have you done research?
IV. The future–what sort of nursing do you want to do? NICU? ICU? What? Explain why you want to go into that specific nursing? Do you want to use your nursing experience and take it to help others in poorer countries?
V. Reiterate why you love to care for people and why you want to make this your career.